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Alicante Airport Parking

Think pink and smile, the Pink Parking

Long term parking

Low cost prices

Indoor & Outdoor


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Extra Services Included

  • VIP Meet&greet service, luxury and comfort.
  • VIP Arrivals hall pick up service.
  • Own repair shop-garage.
  • Basic wash for the car.


As well as our services you will also get one of our gifts.
We appreciate your trust in us and we want to thank you!


Pink Policy and Smile!

Fresh ideas to improve our services at the best price. Because your trip begins and finishes with us, we know what you need and what you don´t need to have a good start and a better end to your travels!

Discover our pink policy! Get into the ¨Pink Policy¨ and begin to think pink!


Personal chauffeur to pick up-deliver your car at the entrance of the terminal. Luxury service, with our best intentions to get things done well, will make you the most exclusive passenger in Alicante Airport. With all our usual Pink Policy and high level of customer service. And all with OUR LOW PRICES!

No need to go to the car park and transfer by shuttle bus, you simply and directly go to the 4th floor of official Aena´s Airport parking Area A, (in case is full 5th floor), we will be waiting for you on your way to departures, at the 4th floor, before the walkway, next to the elevators. We wait for you, so you do not wait for us! Just get out of your car, take your luggage and walk into the terminal. A comfortable, fast, easy and luxurious service that we hope makes you feel like the special client you are to us. When you do come back you can pick up your car at exactly the same place, but first one of our reps would have called you with the details of meeting up.

It is very important that you turn on your mobile phone once landed (the number that you previously gave us)

You must also let us know your return flight number, so that we can monitori your flight from the moment you take off and we will know the exact moment you land in Alicante.


In short, using the airport chauffeur service with us is a positive experience that those who decide to try, not only, do not regret it, but also ,do not want to use another car parking service again. We make it easy, nice, fun and always, always thinking about you and your car. And you will also have simply to be our customer and choose us!

Own repair shop!

Get your car repaired while you don´t use it

Car repair services

Limpieza vehículo a mano con jabón y esponja

Full Car Wash

Car Full valeting

Your car totally clean on your arrival.

25€ per booking
Profesional aspirando coche, lavado interior de coche

1/2 Deep car wash

Partial wash service

Outside or inside

15€ per booking

Basic outside wash.

Just water

Basic booking extra


ITV Diesel

ITV Diesel Vehicle

ITV done without troubles or missunderstandings, do not worry we do arrange it for you, easy & cheap!

110€ per booking
Reparación de vehículo antes de pasar la ITV

ITV Gasoline

ITV Gasoline Vehicle

ITV done without troubles or missunderstandings, do not worry we do arrange it for you, easy & cheap!

100€ per booking
Inspección técnica de coche

PreITV Diesel/Gasoline

Check your car for ITV

We check if your car is ready for the ITV

25€ per booking

ITV+PreITV+Partly car service

ITV Diesel/Petrol Vehicle - Partly car service (Oil Filter, Oil, car revision)

Not expensive surprises! If your car may need a checking before ITV we set it up for you to pass the ITV at the first try!

200€ per booking

Partly car service

Partly car service (Oil Filter, Oil, car revision)

Basic&Quick service for your car!

120€ per booking
Coche limpio con faros pulidos

Full car service

Full car service (Oil Filter, Oil, car revision, gasoline/gasoil Filter, Air filter, Pollen Filter, Spark plugs)

Feel the change after your car has been on our hands! Best quality!

225€ per booking
Interior de coche con los asientos limpios y aspirados

Other mechanical work

Other mechanical work (Ask Price)

Of course any mecanical reparation or car respraying you may need can get done.

Valeting + inside upholstery included

100€ per booking

Valeting + inside upholstery included + outside car polish

150€ per booking
Faros de coche pulidos con protecciones

Head light polish

60€ per booking
Funda protectora exterior de coche

Car cover

To buy


Car cover

To rent

2€ /day

Elastic band for cover